ZZ Sensitive Strengthening Facial Gel

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ZZ Sensitive Strengthening Facial Gel
ZZ Sensitive Strengthening Facial Gel

Carefully selected herbal extracts calm and balance sensitive and irritated skin. They strengthen the skin’s protective mantel and increase its resistance. Does not contain fragrance, colorants or preservatives. Apply mornings and evenings after cleansing. Apply to a damp cotton ball or cosmetic sponge and gently pat onto the skin.

How to use

Apply ZZ Sensitive Facial Toner to a damp cotton pad or a sponge and gently pat onto the skin. Allow the natural active ingredients to develop their full effect. Do not rinse.


- Natural Beauty
- System Anti-Stress
- For Sensitive Skin
- Improved Formula

- Calms and soothes skin with balm mint (melissa), althea, chamomile, bisabolol, and allantoin
- Actually neutralizes environmental irritants before they can cause allergic reactions
- Hydrates and binds moisture, leaving skin supple and free from itching caused by dryness
- Protects skin with wheat germ oil to prevent environmentally caused damage and ageing
- Strengthens skin with horsetail and sage, making it less vulnerable
- Uses a micro-emulsion preservative process to remain bacteriostatic without the use of artificial preservatives Is fragranced with a hypoallergenic blend of esential oils which are tested to ensure freedom from radiation and environmental pollutants

    Active Ingredients
    Allantoin – Relieves skin irritations, tones, refreshes
    Althea – Neutralizes irritants and calms allergic reactions
    Balm Mint Extract (Melissa Officinalis) – Calms and soothes
    Bisabolol – Calms inflammation
    Chamomile (Matricaria) – Calms sensitive skin
    Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) – Tones and strengthens
    Sage (Salva Officinalis) – Protects, tones, and soothes inflammation
    Sorbitol – Hydrates and binds moisture
    St. John’s Wort Oil (Hypericum Perforatum) – Tones, stimulates cell regeneration, firms
    Wheat Germ Oil – Smooths and moisturizes

    Capacity: 5.07 oz


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