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Botox Hibiscus Facial Soap Bar
Botox Hibiscus Facial Soap Bar

Botox Hibiscus Facial Soap Bar

Bohemian Reves
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The Hibiscus flower is packed with anti-oxidants and mucilage, the sticky gel that allows plants to retain high levels of hydration. This flower is coined ‘plant botox’. Hibisucus helps improve skin elasticity by blocking the enzyme responsible for breaking down connective tissue and can provide instant results in skin hydration, smoothness, and tone.

Bohemian Rêves creates dreamy, small batch skincare and hand poured botanical candles. User friendly, vegan and organic - Bohem focuses on formulating plant based skin love for the everyday bohemian.

How to use

Create a lather of soap between wet palms and gently massage the lather onto face. Rinse.

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