Bentonite Green Detox Clay Mask

Ori Bee

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Bentonite Green Detox Clay Mask

Are you tired of the stubborn blackheads and clogged pores? Well, we are here to help!

Ori Bee's Bentonite Green Detox Clay Mask is a wonderful combination of to deeply cleanse, purify and rejuvenate your complexion. The bentonite clay is known for its ability to remove toxins, heavy metals and impurities in the skin. Not only does it cleanse underneath the skin, but it also helps get oxygen inside the skin. We combined it with organic matcha green powder to help replenish and tones the skin with minerals due to the environment and sweat. 

Together this energizing detox clay with give you that healthy smooth glow!

How to use

Apply 1 teaspoon of clay and water in a bowl to make a paste. - Massage onto face and neck with fan brush in a upward motion (avoiding eyes), and let sit up to 5 minutes (depending on thickness of paste). (For Sensitive to Dry Skin, use face oil as a base before applying the mask.) - As it dries, you will feel a slight tingle. This is our ingredients working together to draw out toxins. - Rinse and wipe off the mask with warm water. Apply a few drops of our wonderful Herbal Face Oil in your hand and gently massage onto your face, in an upward motion. - For best results, repeat two to three times per week. **If you have allergies, please do a 12 - 24 hour patch test on a small area of skin like the inside wrist area to check for skin sensitivity before applying to skin.

Ingredients:100% organic bentonite clay, green tea powder, and arrowroot powder

Capacity: 1oz

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