About Green Glow Shop

Who we are

Green Glow Shop was founded by Canadian based entrepreneur and filmmaker, Mihaela Cristina Istrate. She has always believed that natural beauty is for all. Everybody has natural beauty. From the moment you were born as a baby, you were brought into this world with your own unique natural looks just as Mother Earth intended. Don't be shy with what you were given because every natural part of you is amazing in your own beautiful way.

We carry skin friendly products with a special attention in taking care of our beautiful earth. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best by enhancing and maintaining your already natural beauty. If there is a product or brand you would like us to carry, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or by contacting us.

Our mission is to research and sell products that do not harm the earth, animals or our skin. We believe that when it comes to natural beauty & wellness, we are all enough - both men and women from all walks of life should embrace their natural selves. Natural beauty is life changing, it begins with loving your skin which in turn makes you radiate with confidence from within. 

Get in the Glow with Our New Product Line!

As of January 2019, we are so excited to share with our customers, our very own 100% organic product line Green Glow Beauty!  Formulated & carefully crafted with love by The Green Glow Shop.💗🌷

Our products are formulated with 100% organic ingredients & 100% pure essential oils. Suitable for vegans & cruelty free! 

Green Glow Beauty is dedicated to bringing you luxury organic products at an affordable price.

Sold exclusively only at The Green Glow Shop.

Although we are a Canadian green beauty company, we also carry a few non-Canadian green brands. If you have a favourite product/brand that isn't listed, feel free to reach out to us! Please be sure to read our shipping & disclaimer policies here

About the Founder

For many years, I have struggled with sensitive/acne prone skin and since discovering natural products... my skin started healing gradually which inspired me to open my store The Green Glow Shop. I have been to numerous dermatologists over the years only to feel disappointed that I would have to resort to chemical based treatments and pharmaceuticals that would leave me with unwanted side effects. My dermatologists gave me no natural options and at my last visit to the dermatologist, I was prescribed Accutane. Having done my research and reading case studies about Accutane and many other pharmaceuticals alike, I was shocked to find out how harmful and dangerous they were. I no longer pursued the path of finding a cure for my skin by going to the dermatologists. I was left feeling disappointed. It was when I went to see a naturopathic doctor and a family doctor that practiced naturopathy that I learned I did have a choice to treat my skin the natural way. I learned that eating a clean diet in combination with using topical natural skin care products and supplements that my skin would heal from the inside and outside. I became more conscious about what I put on my body and what I put in my body, I even learned that I had allergic reactions to some ingredients as well. If you can train yourself to become more conscientious about what you're using on your body then you will make intelligent choices for your skin & environment. 

All the products on my website that you see have been researched and consulted with PETA EWG's skin deep database to give you the best animal cruelty free, eco-friendly, healthy and natural solution. More importantly, we don't sell products from companies that test on animals and that hide toxic preservatives & parabens in their formulations! 

A portion of every purchase goes towards a women's charity!

We currently support the following charity: Feel Beautiful Today fund via Pledgeling.

A non-profit organization for women and girls affected by cancer that has a mission to bring hope, love and encouragement to cancer patients.
¢50 cents per order will be donated to Feel Beautiful Today with no caps or end dates. 

We Are A Wellness Advocate to Doterra!

The Green Glow shop is a proud Wellness Advocate of doTERRA. If you, a friend, co-worker or family member are interested in joining us on the doTERRA journey - whether you want to become a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer, we want to hear from you. Click here to learn more.